CLERGERIE - Miles Ankle Boot

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New boots, stretch leather, no side seam.
Revolutionary sole - Michelin & Clergerie partnership.
The combination of bootmaking know-how and technological innovation, exceptional comfort.

A major breakthrough in the world of footwear, MILES is a new boot designed to travel miles.
Its X-TWEEL tire sole was created by 2 French companies: Michelin and Clergerie.
This revolutionary “see-thru” sole, as resistant as it is comfortable, is a fantastic technologic revolution, inspired by the latest inventions of Michelin engineers and designed to absorb impact.
Hollow and graphic, its design is of limitless modernity and originality.
A pioneer in the use of stretch lambskin, the MILES boot is very easy to put on.
Like a second skin, it perfectly shapes the instep and enhance the ankle and the leg line.

MILES is an avant-garde model designed and manufactured in our Clergerie ateliers in France.


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