Valorisation of work and professionalism, attention to detail, personalization for the Balossa Brand. And the transfer to every single creation of the Balossa designer's culture, the Lithuanian Indra Kaffemanaite, formed by the tradition and culture of beauty and which, for this reason, goes towards experimentation and innovation.

These are the characteristics of a fascinating and successful theory in the national and international market that build the Balossa product, a process carried out on the simple men's shirt, the white shirt, the white men's shirt, a design evolution of the Company founded in 2014 , which led to the result of a dry, comfortable, comfortable silhouette, with sensual and glamorous hints, with the transformation, the evolution, the process that saw the male shirt desecrated, a process of adaptation of the style of the Brand that leads to give the expression Made in Italy not only the content of materials but above all the value of originality, exclusivity, non-repetition, perfect asymmetric, where masculine and feminine meet and clash, for lengths and contrasts, shapes and proportions,harmonizing the unexpected with elegance.