I wore flip-flops to a black-tie wedding!

I’m ashamed to say this is true, and it was my fashion low point!  My stiletto, pointy-toed pumps made it through the ceremony, but after walking to the dinner the pain in my feet was so intense that I begged my husband to go back to our room to get my flip flops.  I laugh when I think what I looked like on the dance floor in an elegant black dress, pearl necklace, hair in a French twist, and flip flops!

A few months later, at the start of the holiday party season, I realized I had a closet full of pretty shoes that I no longer could wear.  The only dress shoes I could tolerate were boots, and those weren’t going to cut it with my party dresses.  So I decided to take action, and thus began my journey to create elegant low heel dress shoes.

I’ve since spoken to hundreds of women to hear their stories of footwear woes, and to hone in on what is missing in our footwear options.  With the help of a talented shoe designer and several other industry experts, we brought my vision to life. 

After being in the footwear industry for a few years now, I understand why fashion shoe brands make shoes most of us cannot wear, or don’t want to wear.  It’s because their shoes are designed by very young people, and the fashion industry is more interested in Hollywood-style glamour than the reality that most American women face.  I have nothing against young people or Hollywood glamour, but these brands are not giving us sophisticated wearable options. 

It is an immense honor to help women look and feel their best.  Thank you for visiting our site, I hope you will give Adrian Allen shoes a try.

Gwen Allen, Founder