Who I am

My name is Sasson Kedem and I thank god for giving me the ability to create.

AmmA is a brand that was born after 25 years of activity, in which I created fashion for cinema, dance ensembles, theater, and music.

AmmA is a young brand from a veteran creator bringing a different & unique dialogue between body & fabric.

How I do it

When designing clothes, I create a clear language between the modern Middle East to the Japanese cut. The aesthetics are characterized with sophisticated simplicity in the cuts, the feel, the freedom, the architecture, and the individuality of it all with simple elegance.

The clothes are timeless and fit for all seasons. With AmmA I create a classic, modern outfit that immediately gives the female body freedom.

The Fabric

Fabric choice is a very important part of my design essence and I use natural tones to help me reach the soul of the piece.

When I create I feel whole, close and eternal.