Andia Fora starts up in 2013 by the perfect combination of quality and innovation, joined to a precious and exclusive footwear craftmanship "made in Tuscany".
In 2014 the brand of Florence, wich has its factories in the province of Pisa, area well known for the artisanal production of leather goods, makes its debut on the italian and international scene with its first collection of shoes.
The factories with over 50 years of experience takes advantage of 40 skilled workers and specialists in the artisanal processing of footwears.
Andia Fora has left its mark for a bold and never banal street style, where the fine leathers combine themselves with high-tech materials through an innovative manufacture, patented by company: the soles injection working, wich pass the traditional practice of last and provides comfort without to lose elegance and new design idea.
The products signed Andia Fora arrive to market Fashion & Luxury thanks to a selected network of stores, managed in-house, between Italy and worldwide.
Our core business is the sneakers, a combination of creativity and technology that translates the running in a new style of living, unisex size, strong models for man and more sleek models for woman.