Once up on a time (I like fairytales) . . . in northern California where the air smelled like tomatoes in the summer and monarch butterflies went from worms to magical pilots in the breeze, a little girl sprouted. Me. Elaine Seamans. Nature fascinated me and animals were little furry packages with beautiful and kind souls.

Creating was like magic. Fabrics and ribbons were like candy. My mom made everything from scratch from pies to coats and I learned to do the same. I remember wanting my 4th grade teacher to be Miss Wright, because she was the creative one where you got to make things in her class. I got a different teacher.

My background is in art, all different kinds. My passions are helping animals, Paris and creating. Combining all of those things has taken many twists and turns and has ended up here. Whimsical details, an ethereal quality, kindness, details, past centuries, all have a place in At-Choo.

Aside from the frocks, my number one passion is the At-Choo Foundation. There is nothing better than Unconditional Love and there is no greater feeling than to save a life. When you purchase a treasure from At-Choo, you are supporting a dream of mine since a child - you are helping a dog in a shelter.