FIL NOIR is a piece of Italian clothing culture, as the brand's history begins more than one hundred years ago in Certaldo, Tuscany, where the brothers Luca and Lorenzo Manzini took over their father's menswear factory in 1899 and made it a success.


They created the first men's shirts with a passion for tailoring and fine materials, a sense of zeitgeist and commercial skills. Impeccable craftsmanship, the finest cotton fabrics, exquisite ingredients and fair prices were the guarantors of success, beyond the country's borders.


At the beginning of the 20th century, when an earthquake destroyed the region's yarn factories, the brothers made a virtue out of necessity: they sewed the only remaining yarn, it was black. The blouse-white shirt with the black seam perfectly matched the black suit and became the favorite shirt of style-conscious Parisian businessmen: Everyone wanted the shirt with the "fil noir", the "black thread" - the birth of the brand name and an international success story, the 1915 abruptly ended: Italy entered the First World War, sent his men to the front, and so the brothers Manzini had no choice but to close the family business - the end for FIL NOIR.


Until the end of 2012, when the Manzini descendants of swiss hest GmbH transmitted the worldwide FIL NOIR license, and the brand experienced its revival almost 100 years after its release and a coincidence.


The basic values ​​of Manzini continue to accompany us every day. With passion and passion, we develop our products in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. Today, as then, FIL NOIR stands for the finest Italian fabrics, high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship exclusively in Europe, because ... tradition never goes out of fashion.