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Melissa Posh, an adventurous and global business entrepreneur, is the founder of Hi Love Travel.  Her business acumen was originally involved with learning in food, fitness and fashion while traveling the world.  It was on an international business trip that a soft and nearly weightless material was found.  After further research she came to discover that with a special process the material could  be constructed and designed in such a way to make fashionable bags that are splash resistant and recyclable too.  

The name Hi Love Travel was inspired by H-Harbour I=Island, a location where love first bloomed in Melissa’s personal life.  Hi, of course, is also a common global greeting, love is obvious.  You might say “Hi Love” to a friend to start the day, answer the phone or use as a salutation of any text or email. Travel is the area where the light-as-air packs would seem to be the most valuable.   

Brainstorming & focus groups began with business women, mothers, men and other likely users. Original designs and colors were chosen and soon Melissa’s entrepreneurial life revolved around how to protect everyday and business travel from Life’s little leaks and challenges.  

And so it is that Melissa's extensive travels, international experience, entrepreneurial abilities and style sense have culminated into a climate friendly, featherlight pack to make travels easier and fashionable.

Purposeful Packs to lighten everyday travels!