Known for her line of playful crinkled cotton and silk clothing, fashion designer Judy Tampa brings a musician's sensibility to her collection of "art to wear" clothing.  Inspired by her music and painting careers, Judy combines a love of bright color and textures with a performer's stage-ready sensibility and personality. In Judy Tampa's world, creative design takes center stage.  Skirts may have asymmetric hems, and fabric edges are often left raw.  Jacket seams can be sewn on the outside in quirky combinations of silk and wool.  Sheer and solid fabrics, hand dyed and twisted materials, and plenty of peace symbols and mixed patterns go into the casual mix.  Judy's designs are for the woman who likes to show off her individuality and combine a touch of the eccentric with a lot of class.  Judy's designs are made in Tampa and sold in boutiques across the US.