Mes Demoiselles ... Paris world is committed to a way of draping, a curve, an allure.
Passion for quality, demand for search, genuine sincerity.
The woman Mes Demoiselles ... Paris? Subtle, enigmatic, modest, secretive, powerful, authentic, urban,
sensitive, mischievous. The brand offers her its inexhaustible search for the truth.
The dress, the pants, the coat, the kimono, the sweater, the skirt, the blouse,
the accessories have a lot to say about us.
Firmly on-trend, Mes Demoiselles ... Paris adorns us as a traditional costume would do,
an invitation to achieve or pursue the journey.
Enter the world of Mes Demoiselles ... Paris.

The clothing collections emerge from the inspirations of the creative director Anita Radovanovic who respects
the traditional spirit of the handmade and the taste for the natural.

Ready-to-wear clothes designed and conceived as real dresses
to sublimate the beauty of the female body.