"So far as I am in love with „Everyday life” and “The Human Experience” I just try to highlight ones personality and emphasize their dignity through my clothes.

– Inspiration for me is in every small moment what makes me feel delighted.
Natalija Jansone

Natalija Jansone’s outfits are like a Haiku in the language of fashion – elegant, reserved and as precisely cut as precious stones. Hand sewn using all natural materials.
She graduated from University of St Petersburg with a degree in Oriental Studies. She complimented this by studying at ESMOD Seoul, South Korea. This began the path of design that led her to where she is today.
NJ Studija Company was established in 1997 working predominantly as a tailor-made design atelier. The company has designed costumes for the Latvian National opera, the Latvian National Orchestra, the Latvian Olympic team and for stage shows and performances such as Eurovision Song and Miss Universe, the uniforms for AirBaltic airlines and staff outfits for several stylish Riga cafes and restaurants. This developed into custom design/tailoring work for celebrities and prominent individuals in Latvia and Europe.
The company was re-branded in 2015 with strong focus on ready-to-wear and contemporary fashion lines. Since then NJ Studija Company has taken things internationally, taking part in the Paris Trade Show Tranoi Femme and in october 2016 opening own showroom in Riga.