Since the beginning of Trippen in the early 1990s, the company has remained true to its aspiration to perform beyond common fashion rules while establishing its own unique way to design and produce shoes. When Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler came across a special style of wooden sole from the 70´s in a traditional lasts factory, this discovery inspired the brand which embodies the spirit of its home city, independent and unconventional. Almost three decades later, Trippen continues to produce its unique shoes in its own factory, 60km north of Berlin, according to the highest environmental and social standards.

With their unique soles, unconventional pattern technique and iconic silhouettes, Trippen shoes are designed to be timeless, and ever avant-garde. From the minimal to the experimental, each model is made to last - transcending seasons and outliving trends to instead grow with their wearer as they journey through life. Over 2000 models are permanently available in over 30 different materials and colours, and can be customised to suit individual preferences.

Social Responsibility
High quality design begins with high social responsibility standards. In order to ensure good working conditions for its employees, Trippen founded its own factory in a former GDR shoe production facility in Zehdenick, Brandenburg, in 1998. Today, Trippen structures its design process around the needs and ideas of its around 100 production members, each of them valued as an individual and benefitting from fair pay and flexible working conditions.

Environmental Sustainability
Environmental considerations and ecologically-friendly production process are equally embedded into Trippen’s design process. The use of vegetable-tanned leather and timbers such as alder, poplar and beech are obtained exclusively through European suppliers, and provides for the longevity of each pair of shoes. The proximity of the factory to Trippen’s headquarter, workshop and warehouse in Berlin-Treptow ensures short delivery routes, keeping carbon emissions low.

Stores & Collaborations
In addition to Trippens´ flagship stores in Germany and Paris and its partner stores in Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Mongolia and the US, over 450 further stores worldwide sell Trippen shoes. The importance the company places on design innovation and exchange is reflected in its collaborations with designers such as Issey Miyake, Nicholas K, Situationist or Alberto Zambelli as well as German based designers like UY, Aleks Kurkowski, Michael Sontag or Isabel Vollrath. In 2018, Trippen opened P100, a concept store on Berlin’s Potsdamer Straße, which provides a space for the brand and its community to continue to innovate across creative disciplines.