Véronique Miljkovitch’s ready-to-wear collections combine the raw sensuality of texture with a relaxed European fit. Designed for a dynamic woman who wants to express her creative side, these designs embody a refined allure that goes beyond trends. All the pieces are made of quality materials with great attention to detail. Ultimate comfort is matched with elegant styling to create the most wearable staples that will be cherished additions to any wardrobe.

About the designer

Montreal designer Véronique Miljkovitch was born in Paris, France and grew up in Northern Ontario. Her art and design skills flourished in Europe. She studied in Paris as well as in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she attended the prestigious SAGA International Design Centre. Here she designed the internationally acclaimed SAGA Ethnic Light collection which was seen on runways around the world.Her technical training was obtained at Lasalle College in Montreal. She launched her first collection in 2000 and has steadily grown an international following. She currently sells to over 100 retailers across Canada and the US. Véronique is the winner of many national and international fashion awards.