Labour of Love | Magnolia Pearl Clothing

Magnolia Pearl is a twenty-year-plus creative art business and brainchild of Robin Brown. Robin, the Magnolia Pearl owner calls it her, “labour of love.” With great attention to detail, the pieces are of a limited run and in constant production. The fabrics and materials used are naturally occurring and sourced globally. Magnolia Pearl are famous for its iconic styling which incorporates vintage fabrics, antique lace, individuality, comfort, free flowing and sexy pieces. The fashion range of Magnolia Pearl includes jeans, denim pieces and handmade leather boots. 

Magnolia Pearl has an impressive, universal following of passionate art collectors and fashionistas that cherish their unique pieces. Each piece is a rarity, exuding the essence of style, uniqueness and originality. The quality is exceptional, as each piece is individually handcrafted with love. 

Sharing the Love | Magnolia Pearl Fredericksburg


Magnolia Pearl has a global presence in 15 countries and stocked by over 100 resellers across the US. The brand continues to expand internationally and attracts  new customers worldwide. The uniqueness of this creative art company has been embraced not only by conventional boutiques.